I have put some new fabric patterns available for the general public  on demand from Spoonflower.


More will be available shortly, when I have received the samples.

The designs are hard to see on the previewer, so take a look here.

ecofabric does fashion

Well recovering from the fashion show, along with Stichbury, Good score  and Emma and with Rani Stigsdoffer Ecofabric held a fashion show at the Owhiro Bay Country fair. Rain absolutely bucketing down all day, I just ran into Nicci one of the principal organizers who explained how soaked she had been all day. But despite some of the models getting sick and not turning up, the show looked great to me. Awesome help pulling it off, from so many: The other designers, the models that Louise organised, George for getting the stage there, Megan for doing the makeup, Angelina giving professional tips for the runway, Leise and Natasha  Klare and the models; Abby, Angelina, Debbie, Rani, Bessy, Zoe, Kalani and Alex modelling the children’s clothing they did such a fantastic job. Friends I can’t thankyou enough.

Wow my first fashion show, and so on to selling clothes at the markets.

School bag

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Feeling very happy with Bee girl after struggling with making her into a fabric design. While I was happy with her on the tulips, the line quality wasn't there, I have redrawn her as a vector graphic and I always wanted her to be on a Hebe because that is where I saw native bees, honey bees and bumblebees all on the same bush together.